Promises, promises

What was it I said a few weeks ago about being back in the blogosphere? Yeesh. I didn’t expect to fail so quickly. But one thing I’m sure most of you would agree with is that making the assumption that your workload will lighten up once you launch an enterprise-sized website is foolish, and that if anything, the work has only *just* begun. So that’s where I am - in the midst of post-launch updates and planning for future interactive modules. There’s a lot of fun work down the pike, but for now, we need to make sure the basics are covered and most importantly, that stakeholders are happy with the new site.

All this, and I get to take a few days away from the daily grind to congregate with other geeks at this weekend’s SXSW Interactive festival. I’m stoked to return to this event - a year after I first attended - and this time as a presenter on non-profit technology. I had an amazing time in 2007, but felt there was very limited discussion about NPTECH and how non-profits can leverage the same tools as for-profits, and how big those results could be. I’m speaking with Beth Kanter, Erin Denny, and Rachel Weidinger, on a panel moderated by Ed Schipul, where we hope to impart some wisdom to both non-profits and vendors on how best to kick ass with technology. I’m most excited about the discussion time after the panel as it will be a good pulse check to understand where folks are struggling most and what issues we need to focus on more as an industry.

I’m also eager to meet all the great folks I’ve been networking with for over a year, including my fellow panelists! Last year I attended with a group of colleagues from graduate school and I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, and fairly lost in the techno-whirr of the festival. There were long lines of folks waiting to chat with geek rockstars - mostly people I had never heard of. There was constant twittering about good and bad panels, the best parties to attend - a veritable smörgåsbord of SMS diarrhea - and I wasn’t quite sure how to take it all in. This year there won’t be an absence of that fire-hose guzzling phenomena, but I’ll have a bit more context to apply, a lot more friendly faces to look for in the crowds, and new technologies and strategies to be inspired by.

I also can’t wait to enjoy a decent enchilada, margarita, and barbecue platter :o).

I hope to continue my blogging from the conference (I am really trying to keep this promise), but please disregard the fact that I’ll be using my work PC. Obviously I’d rather use my Macbook Pro, but toting along my work computer makes the most sense for a number of reasons. The good folks at EchoDitto promised to bring me an Apple sticker to plaster over that hideous Gateway logo, and hopefully, that will keep several of you from thinking I’m a techno-hypnocrite :o). Because I swear I’m not.

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    Looking forward to meeting you face-to-face!

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