Marathon week is heeeeeere!

Thank you again to everyone for all of your support throughout the training process. I’m happy to announce that I have reached my goal and have exceeded $1000 of donations (in both paypal and personal checks) for Mith Samlanh “Friends”! If you haven’t donated already, it’s not too late! I’ll be making my actual donation to friends early next week after I return from Minnesota.

My t-shirt has already arrived and I can’t wait to wear my Cambodian-designed logo this coming Sunday. I completed my last long training run on Saturday - 7 miles in humid, rainy gross-ness - which is making me ever-more-grateful for the cool air of the northern United States!

Other than that, I’m trying to rest myself for the upcoming race, including ignoring the scratchy throat/impending cold I’ve been feeling since Saturday. EmergenC usually does wonders for me, so I’m hoping it will continue its magic this time around!

My friend (psuedo coach) Peter reminded me to actually get excited about the race, and I’m glad he did. All of this work over the past 6 months is finally coming to a head and I’ll have the chance to really see what 26.2 feels like - for better or for worse. I’m impressed with myself for actually following through and making it this far, despite the shin splints, my crazy summer traveling schedule, AND the most recent IT band woes I’ve encountered. I’m excited to know what it feels like to cross that finish line and hear thousands of strangers screaming my name. And I’m also going to try to remember to smile when I see a photographer along the course so that I don’t have any more embarassing running pictures floating around the internets.

I’ll be posting more race-day information here in the coming days, including ways for you to receive race updates from your cell phone.

2 Responses to “Marathon week is heeeeeere!”

  1. 1 Archie Mck

    Way to go Michaela! Good luck on race day, will you be tweeting while running?

  2. 2 Michaela

    Heh, I’ll try. I don’t think I can keep my phone with me due to race rules, but I’ll definitely tweet before and after, and I’ll make my number available here so that folks can follow my progress on the interactive map!

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