Fundraising and outreach in a changing economy

This past week I had the chance to attend the Convio ‘08 Summit with my colleague Andrew at Forum One. The conference was held in Austin, Texas and provided a few days to meet-up with other NP Techers (so great to see all of you!), catch up on some of the latest trends in the industry, and of course, eat GREAT food :o).

Since I spent most of the time during the conference chatting with non profits and standing at our organization’s booth in the exhibit hall, I didn’t have a lot of time to attend panels. When I did have the opportunity, most of the discussions were fairly similar to those I participated in at NTC ‘08. The one discussion that did feel new was the keynote by Tony Elischer, Managing Director of UK-based consulting firm THINK.

Elischer broke the stigma barriers and actually talked about non profit technology through the lens of the recession. While I think a lot of us were hoping that this economy stuff is really just a bad dream that we’ll wake up from in a few weeks, I think it was good to acknowledge the situation and actually talk about realistic expectations and tactics.

I wrote up my impressions from his Tony’s presentation on the Forum One Influence blog, and hope it can be of some inspiration (and comfort) to organizations who are nervous and vigilant during these changing times.

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  1. 1 Sammy

    I am very interested in outreach during this time of financial reversal, obviously the poor are the hardest hit though I’m sure the wealthy think they have it the toughest. Middle income are making desperate attempts to keep their homes and in doing so are also in this bracket of little or no telecommunications. Well you’d say so what if thay can’t make calls but what if they can’t call 911 or the police in an emergency? I came across the Sullivan report which highlights this issue and I thought you might think it’s interesting.
    The one very interesting fact is that pre paid cell phones such as TracFone present a very real relief to this problem - Technology can play a big role - This report also shows that by having a cell phone people have more opportunity to create business for themselves and thus create income, add to GNP and help in a small way to get the world back on track. So I’m pondering the brilliance of my Tracfone and wondering how I can make a difference in all this.

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