In the hopes of adding new knowledge and experiential anecdotes to the technology and non-profit/academic sector, Amy (a Canadian e-learning specialist who works for Queens University) and Michaela (an American online strategist who works for Forum One Communications have joined forces to publish Girls with Macs.

We hope that in the future this site will provide useful resources to practitioners engaged in non-profit and educational technologies from the unique perspective of two young women who have worked in both the programmatic and technology sides of non-profit organizations, and are committed to making the world a better place through technology. We have both lived and worked in Southeast Asia (Amy in Thailand and Michaela in Cambodia) for non-governmental organizations and we hope that along with references to our work and experiences in Canada and the United States, we’ll also be able to share applications for the same technology in developing countries. Girls with Macs eagerly welcomes suggestions, ideas, and introductions, and Amy and Michaela look forward to populating this site with useful and relevant goodies, as well as a bit of our own personalities.

So, who are Amy and Michaela?

Amy and Michaela first met through the magic of the internet in 2005. Both having volunteered in SE Asia for non-profit organizations, Amy found Michaela through the photo network Flickr. Sharing images and blogs for the past few years, Amy and Michaela got to know each other better and also found out they had the same professional interests in international development and technology. They met for the first time in August 2007.



…is an e-learning Specialist at the School of Medicine for Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario Canada where she helps medical faculty use technology to enhance their teaching. Amy has a degree in Computer Science and Philosophy as well as a post-graduate diploma in Interactive Multimedia and has spent the last seven years developing, and managing web projects for educational and non-profit organizations. Amy felt compelled to work in this area after volunteering in Thailand as part of the NetCorps program where she worked to help two non-profits use technology to distribute information and educational resources to refugees along the the Thai-Burma border. In addition to her role at Queen’s, Amy is volunteering her time to help develop a web site for the newly emerging Patan University of Health Sciences in Nepal and is a member of the Free Queen’s committee which promotes access to higher education by providing non-credit Queen’s course to the Kingston community. When not thinking about innovative new ways to use technology for the greater good, Amy can be found unwinding in yoga, traveling to new places with her camera in hand and writing about these experiences on her personal blog

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Michaela in Photobooth

…is a Senior Project Officer at Forum One Communications, a web strategy and development firm based in Alexandria, Virginia, assisting nonprofit, foundation, government and commercial organizations in making a positive impact on today’s most pressing issues including health, environment, and poverty. In her former life she was a web developer for the private sector, with a stint in humanitarian aid analysis, and most recently overseas for a year and a half working for a women’s micro-finance program in Cambodia and Kenya. Shifting to international development work in 2005, Michaela recognized the need for technology expertise within non-profit organizations – both in terms of marketing and communications purposes, and for the delivery of services to constituents/beneficiaries. Taking advantage of her varied background, Michaela seeks to make the internet and technology accessible for all non profits and their audiences as well as exploiting it for the good of humanity. Michaela has a masters degree in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University, and a self-designed bachelors degree in web design and multimedia from Pennsylvania State University. She has worked in every sector imaginable: private, government, non-profit, and education. Besides her work in non-profit technology, Michaela loves hot yoga, is an amateur photographer, and travels extensively with her dog Atlas. She hosts a personal blog over at Thoughts From the Girl Next Door, and her CV is available here.

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