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Keeping all that inspiration alive

SXSW 2008 has come and gone and despite the nasty SXsars that everyone seemed to get (and I reject the suggestion that I was the carrier!), I am definitely feeling a vibe of inspiration around the Twitter community. Granted, that community got a lot bigger after I finally put faces to names at the conference, and made introductions that I’d long meant to make, and now my Twitter channel is in full force and I can’t imagine how life was like before.

I’m still in the process of typing up my notes, something I think is important – both from an internal organization consumption perspective (so I can prove that I actually did attend panels) – and to mull that content over a bit longer before I put those pages of notebook paper to rest. I was hoping to spend more time actually blogging during the conference, but unless you’re Beth Kanter or another blogging rockstar, it seems like a nearly impossible task. Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered how Beth does it (beyond mixing her Cokes and packets of EmergenC), she literally buzzes with all the activity that is constantly pulsing through her synapses. I know, I sat next to her a few times and I got giddy by the energy.

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