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08NTC: Day 2, Successful Web Analytics

Robin Steiff, LunaMetrics

Google Analytics, Know your website, one hour a day

The Web Analytics Challenge
Data: Yes
Actionable Insights: Not so much
It’s only when you add context that this information has value. Need actionable insight and action to take.

Google is free, but time is money.

How does Google Analytics help?
Not always the right app for everyone, but great for many things. Does a lot that other packages don’t:

1.Data democracy. Dashboard with one glance gives you time-on-sight, number of pages people have visited. Goals overview. With one glance, we can see what’s going on. Not everyone has access to this information, but everyone can understand it. Democratizes data

  • Can setup email for your dashboard
  • Specific, granular, customized
  • Empower Understanding Action
  • Red is bad, Green is good.
  • Can look at period over period
  • Can set up funnels - a defined path through the website. Most powerful report. Funnel could be a signup for an email registration or a shopping cart. Can see if people continue the whole way. Can see where you’re losing your members.

2. Data discovery. All about people understanding the story.

  • See where your users are coming from
  • One click gets you to Content Overview - ease of deep diving. Can see top content.
  • Navigation summary. Homepage expample. Can see if most people enter from this page, and if they stay. At one glance we can see if we’re doing something right on the homepage. Then can dive deeper and know “why”.
  • Can see referrers
  • Can see keywords

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