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08NTC: Day 3, morning plenary

Dr. Melissa Flourney (LANO), Deborah Cotton (LouisianaRebuilds.info), and Patricia Jones (NENA)

“If it takes a village to raise a child, what’s it going to take to raise a village?”

Renaissance in New Orleans. 25 feet of water in 23 minutes. Imagine that? Like Dorothy’s home in the Wizard of Oz.

Amazing resurgence where people are bringing their passions to the forefront for the first time in years. YURPES - young urban rebuilding professionals. Imagine this renaissance will feed up as volunteers return to their communities and churches after they get back. No profits are working out of the trunks of their cars.

People don’t say the word “Katrina” anymore. They talk about it as the “storm” or the “thing”.

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08NTC: Day 2, open plenary with David Pogue

Macro trends in technology: Three technologies to watch
David Pogue

Year of the cell phone

Leaving the cell network and going onto the network like landlines.

  • VOIP, carry your number. Every feature known to man.
  • Cell phone carriers haven’t taken on VOIP over cellphones
  • T-mobile, hot spot at home – any time you’re in a wireless hotspot, all your calls are free. $20 more a month. Little box is like a cell tower in your house. (makes it cheaper for them because they don’t have to put up new towers in your neighborhood)
  • Can hand off call from mobile to wireless network
  • T-mobile is the only company that doesn’t have a land-line business, which is why they are doing this
  • David Pogue just gave us his phone number.
  • Grand Central - too many phones. Awesome video that he posted on the NY Times site

  • Google Cellular – 411 costs $2. Use text messages. Send message to 46645. Type what you’re looking for: “Pharmacy Chicago” In 5 seconds they will send you back the complete name, address, phone. Weather. Driving directions, movie showtimes. Flight info. Currency conversions, Definitions. Instantaneous and uncluttered.Voice to Text - “to page this person, press #” That voice is on Ambien. The voices on voicemail recordings are slow. They make $100 million a year keeping people on the phone and paying for more minutes.
    • Spinvox and Callwave transcribe your messages so you can scan them, skip to the important ones, and not pay minutes!

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